Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jack Radcliffe

Jack Radcliffe is a well known bear icon. About a year ago he was at the eagle in New York for the re-launch of Bear magazine. He was everything I hoped he would be...handsome, gracious, and friendly. One of my catty friends sneered "uh, he's fat" which I thought was just about the most ignorant thing one could say about a man famous for his physique.
The man is hot, and I hope he never changes.

Victor and Jake
Jake Deckard was announced Performer of the year at the 2008 GAYVN awards, so it makes us proud to have him as one of our top Hairyboyz models. He looks great here as the nasty Drill sergeant giving pumped young pup, Victor Steele a run for his money. Jakes thick mustache and hairy pecs are reminiscent of the classic 70's porn star, and if you love military themed action, then this video will send you wild. CLICK HERE

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